Colorado State Says Use of Words ‘America,’ ‘American,’ Out of Bounds as Students Head Back to School

As college students are getting ready to head back to school, Campus Reform is reporting that the first order of business will be learning “new” campus rules of language.

Colorado State University has published an online “Inclusive Language Guide” created by a Task Force of the same name which provides words and phrases to avoid using while on campus. The guide was compiled in order to make everyone on campus feel “welcomed, respected and valued”.

Some of the the words and phrases that are now verboten include: America or American because it refers to Americans as the dominant culture in the U.S. and the Task Force feels this dominance is no longer true. They believe “ U.S. citizen” is a better substitute for the “A” word coined by America Vespucci, the Italian explorer who actually discovered the “Americas” in the early 1500’s.

It is now against the rules to use ladies, gentlemen, female, male, and Mr. Mrs. Ms. as CSU follows along with the societal trend of forcing the extinction of gender identity pronouns. Using the word “straight” to describe a heterosexual person is now strongly frowned upon because it implies that the LGBTQ community is “crooked” – a correlation that seems only seems apparent to people who always think in opposite terms.

“Normal person” is a phrase that is also being banished from the campus lexicon as it suggests again, thinking in terms of opposites, that if someone is normal, everyone else is not normal. The word “handicap” has been abandoned by CSU in favor of its less offensive synonym, “disability”, believing that “handicap” should now be consigned solely to the world of golfers and golf statisticians. These are just a few of the absurdities that have come from the CSU tax-payer funded Language Guide Task Force.

Administrators at the University insist that the Guide is just a suggestion and students will not face disciplinary action for using words and phrases on the list. They know they would also very likely have to defend themselves against First Amendment law suits if they did make it mandatory.

Conservative student-led campus groups like Speech First are pushing back at the Guide saying it is confusing and it pressures students to think in narrowly defined “liberal speak” terms created by narrow-minded university elites. They know that controlling speech could very well be a less than subtle attempt by the University to indoctrinate students.

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