Comey’s Wife Had Access to Classified Material in Their Home

Disgraced former FBI director James Comey left classified information in a safe in his home, to which his wife had access, according to the Department of Justice’s Investigator General report. 

“According to the report, James Comey drafted Memo # 2 on his personal laptop rather than a secured FBI laptop,” according to the report. “Memo # 2 was determined to have six words that the FBI determined were classified.”

There were nice memos written by Comey pertaining to his interactions with President Donald J. Trump that were in question during the Inspector General’s investigation.

“Comey used his personal printer to generate two paper copies of Memo # 2 and he told investigators that he put one of the copies in his personal safe at home where he stored other personal, family-related items,” Gateway Pundit said.

Comey’s wife is known leftist activist.

Though mishandling classified information is a crime (ironically, the same one for which Comey cleared then-candidate Hillary Clinton), Attorney General Bill Barr decided not prosecute Comey.

“Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) pointed out the irony,” he said. “Now we know why Comey didn’t want to prosecute Clinton—he didn’t see a problem mishandling sensitive information. After clearing her, he did it too! Comey, like Clinton, thinks he’s above the law.”

Trump weighed in, too.

“Perhaps never in the history of our Country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated than James Comey in the just released Inspector General’s Report. He should be ashamed of himself!” he said.

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