Confusion Abounds in Wake of El Paso Mass Shooting

A Walmart in El Paso, Texas was the subject of a mass shooting Saturday, where 15-20 people were reportedly killed, and numerous others wounded.

Some reports identified Patrick Crusius of Dallas, Texas, as the suspect, though that has not been confirmed by authorities. Local businesses remained on lockdown as SWAT teams, ATF, FBI reported to the scene of the crime.

A local Fox News station reported that the shooting was the product of “gang-related terrorism.”

Saturday morning, the El Paso Police Department was advising of an “active shooting,” further instructing locals to “stay away from Cielo Vista Mall Area,” and that the “scene is still active.”

Later, police said there were “reports of multiple shootings.”


In a telephone interview held by Fox News, eyewitness Vanessa Saenz said she heard “pops” from the parking lot where she then witnessed people collapsing around the entrance to the Walmart. Saenz also reported seeing one of the suspects. She described the individual as a man wearing a black shirt, cargo pants, with a weapon shooting outside the building before entering.

Some reporters have circulated a manifesto reportedly written by the shooter. This manifesto has not been confirmed by authorities either, but it is said to have been discovered on 8Chan. This manifesto, titled ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ is broken down into 6 parts: About Me, Political Reasons, Economic Reasons, Gear, Reaction, Personal Reasons and Thoughts.

Many have been quick to blame “white nationalism” as the motive for the attack, but no motive has been officially established. The alleged manifesto made reference to the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In Christchurch on March 15, only hours after the horrific mass shooting at two mosques, a similar manifesto surfaced, also from 8Chan.  It turned out to be an “elaborate troll,” according to a report from The Atlantic.

“This manifesto is a trap … laid for journalists searching for the meaning behind this horrific crime. There is truth in there, and valuable clues to the shooter’s radicalization, but it is buried beneath a great deal of, for lack of a better word, ‘shitposting,’” a local journalist noted.

This story is developing.

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