Crazy Wine Aunt Wants Your Children Molested Because… Racism, Or Something

A wise man once said “When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your children raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.” 

Enter Dayna Steele, a self proclaimed speaker, author, blah, blah, blah, wine drinker (of course), and apparent former congressional candidate.

Clocking in at fewer than 10,000 followers, Dayna’s Twitter profile also rocks a blue check mark, also known as a handicapped badge.

Last night, Dayna had a glass or three of chardonnay and tweeted the following:

“What if we rounded up all suspected white domestic supremacist terrorists and took their kids from them and put them in camps and molested and starved them? Just curious.”

These, of course, are the things normal people wonder about. And in case you’re wondering, “white domestic supremacist terrorists” = Trump supporters.

As you might expect, Dayna was trounced by the internet. When she woke up hungover Saturday, she deleted her Tweet, and made sure to provide us with an explanation.

Turns out, she was just being ironic, and you were too stupid to understand!

“Deleted the original tweet because ignorance and hate do not recognize irony. The threats my followers were receiving just shows the actual problem domestic terrorism actually is to the USA,” she said.

She attached a story that claims migrant kids are being molested in American foster care. That might be so – and it’s awful – but to blame Trump supporters is obviously ridiculous. The foster care system in America – run by the federal government for decades – has always been a disaster.

In any case, what human being suggests solving a rape problem in the foster care system with… more rape? The answer is no human being. Only a monster would do that.

But Dayna is a progressive, so I guess it fits.

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