Evidence: WaPo Is Just Making Up Data About ‘Mass Shootings’

The Washington Post Sunday covered its front page with the names of every American killed in a “mass shooting” since 1966 (proving that it’s a very serious newspaper and most certainly not a leftist propaganda outlet lobbying for gun control). 

Here’s WaPo’s Director of Operations bragging about today’s cover.

If you look closely, you’ll see that WaPo claims there have been 165 mass shootings, claiming the lives of 1196 victims in the past 54 years.

But a 2015 article by The Washington Postwhich was also shared by Mark Smith – a bona fide genius – claimed that there were 355 “mass shootings” in that year alone:

In that piece, The Post defined a mass shooting as any shooting with “4+ victims, including [the] shooter.”

Now, I’m no mathematician. That’s why I write for a living. But it seems that 355 “mass shootings” in one year is a lot more than 165 “mass shootings” over a period of 54 years, which leads this curious reporter to wonder whether The Washington Post is just making this stuff up as it goes along.

In any case, 1196 victims of “mass shootings” over a period of 55 years is an average of 22 per year. By comparison, 3,000 people die every year from regular use of aspirin, meaning that you’re far more likely to die from your headache medicine than you are from some whacko snapping and shooting up your local school, grocery story, or park.

I’m sure WaPo had a point when they decided to pull this little stunt. It appears, however, that they failed to think it through completely.

I know – you’re shocked.

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