Head of ‘Anti-Racist’ Org Bashes Trump Supporter-Led Cleanup of Baltimore

An effort led by right-wing activist Scott Presler to clean up Baltimore is being undermined by leftist social critics.

Despite the altruistic nature of Presler’s community-oriented event to cleanup Baltimore, some online personalities are attempting to incite hostility toward those cleaning up the city. While Jack Posobiec of One America News was filming Baltimore residents and nationwide volunteers to raise awareness for the event, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Executive Directer of One Peoples Project, took to Twitter to encourage people to condemn the group instead of join the clean up.

“HEADS UP, BALTIMORE! If you are anywhere near N. Fulton Ave. and Westwood Ave, a few well-known neo-fascist gloryhounds that like to pull stunts and pretend they are not – namely Jack Posobiec and Scott Pressler – are in Baltimore making like they are doing a cleanup of the city,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins’ organization is supposedly an anti-racist group. He is also a local Antifa leader.

But while he sat in his comfortable office name-calling, alleging that somehow Presler and company are racists, Trump supporters were actually leading an effort to better his community.

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