HuffPost Writer Loses It Over ‘Trump-Loving In-Laws’

The Huffington Post published an article earlier this week by Hannah Selinger about a personal decision she feels she must make concerning allowing her children to remain in their Trump supporting grandparents’ lives.

Selinger’s confessional reads like a laundry list of every CNN and MSNBC “news show” since the 2016 election, regurgitated in the agonizing tones of a mother who is intent on protecting her children from “evil,” while trying to make their lives “bright, happy and productive.” The evil here, she says, is her husband’s bigoted parents who watch Fox News, are against killing babies, are wary of Muslims like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and are in favor of closed borders.

When the Grandparents visit, (Selinger says they do not live close by), they are prohibited from watching Fox on television because the children might become “indoctrinated like their grandparents.” She says she is also annoyed when her in-laws then switch to their iPads to watch “Tucker Carlson” and Sean Hannity. She feels she can tell her very young children that Trump is a bad person, and is beginning to believe her in-laws, because of their unwavering Conservative views, are too.

Thus, the dilemma.

Selinger’s oldest son is 2 and 1/2, old enough, she thinks, to feel and understand the “hateful” views of her in-laws and thinks it will be hard to teach him to listen to adults when obviously his grandparents are so wrong about everything.

Bigotry, racism, homophobia and xenophobia are rampant within these two elderly people in their 70’s, and she says the gut-wrenching decision about whether or not to maintain a relationship with them is making her sick.

The author’s husband is also upset with his parents’ views. As Selinger says, “he feels like his mother was hijacked by ideas that were not really hers and she won’t stand up for herself.” A reminder, Hillary Clinton – in her thousand and one reasons for losing the 2016 election – said women can’t think for themselves when it comes to who to vote for.

Selinger, at best, is like the mother who is afraid of dogs and tells her children to run in the house when a dog is around, even though it is on leash. She is passing her fears onto them – one of the worst things a parent can do – instead of finding a way to show them that most dogs will not harm them.

Worst of all, she is the personification of the intolerance that the liberal idiotic left attributes to the right. Obviously her house has no mirrors. Selinger, who is Jewish, condemns her in-laws for their views against Muslims, who hate the West, while seriously considering not allowing her children to have a relationship with their own flesh-and-blood grandparents.

All the self-aggrandizing explanations to the reader about doing this in the name of being a good mother ring hollow. Selinger is a narcissist deeply in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome and her husband is well on his way.  She said they have not made the final decision yet but I’m betting on her getting her way.  We should feel bad for the loving, independent thinking Grandparents.

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