Kathy Griffin Placed on No Fly List, ‘Unemployable’ After Trump Beheading Photoshoot

Formerly-relevant comedian Kathy Griffin admitted in an interview last week that her life was turned upside down after she posed for a photoshoot in 2017 with President Donald J. Trump’s bloody, severed head. 

“I was on the no-fly list, and I had to be interrogated, like I said, by the feds under oath,” Griffin said. “That also didn’t happen to any of the other guys who supposedly threatened the president, and I was singled out, and I think it’s because I’m a woman, and probably because I’m 57, and I don’t have a big network or studio behind me.”

Of course, she tried to play the victim, despite the fact that the decision to do the photoshoot was hers, and hers alone. She has no one to blame for her poor judgement but herself, but that is not stopping her from blaming Trump for her woes.

She complained that her life has been difficult since the incident.

“I’m still dealing with the fallout from the photo in everyday life,” she said. “I mean, I was walking down the street last week, and four people came up to me and were screaming, ‘You’re a traitor, you’re an ISIS.'”

Apparently, finding work has been difficult since the photoshoot, too.

She said in a separate interview that she was “unemployable” and “uninsurable.”

This is not the first time Griffin has complained about the fallout from her bad decisions. In a June 2017 press conference, she cried as she explained that Trump “broke [her].” She eventually apologized in a Tweet, which she later deleted.

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