Leftist Mob Bullies Taylor Swift’s Dad Off Facebook for Conservative Posts

Fans of Taylor Swift recently stumbled across her father’s personal Facebook page, which has been deactivated after the fans found several conservative-leaning posts. 

“It turns out Scott [Swift] was very active on Facebook, and allegedly really loved himself a right-wing meme. Taylor probably isn’t laughing now, because Scott’s Facebook account has mysteriously disappeared,” Dlisted said.

One America News’ Jack Posobiec posted some of the screenshots from Scott Swift’s Facebook. One post was pro-police, and said “Blue Lives Matter.” Another was a meme saying that he longer recognizes Elizabeth Warren as a Senator:

He also reportedly posted pro-Nancy and Ronald Reagan posts, and one post joking about listing illegal aliens as “dependents” on his tax forms.

Apparently, Scott is pretty much the typical Boomer Republican.

But that was enough for the leftist outrage mob to come after him, forcing him to deactivate his page. His daughter, 30, has begun speaking out on political issues. Having spent her entire adult life – and some time before that – as a celebrity, naturally she came out as a leftist.

So far, she has not stood up to the mob that bullied her father for his political views.

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