Leftists Are Mad That New Monopoly Edition Depicts Socialism in ‘Unfair’ Light

Twitter leftists have gone mad over the “Socialist Edition” of the classic board game, Monopoly, decrying it for depicting socialism in an “unfair” light.

Nick Kapur found a copy of “Monopoly: Socialism” and tweeted about its contents and game design, which drove many leftists furious.

With the tagline, “Winning is for Capitalists,” the game doesn’t function like the standard Monopoly you and I are familar [sic] with. There is a “community fund” for players to dip into when they can’t afford anything and many references to veganism:

Players can also vote to steal properties from someone else, just like real socialism!

Just like “Monopoly for Millennials,” people got very mad and posted their anger online!

Others were quick to shoot back and mock those annoyed by the game:

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted out a thread that won the argument and shut down the socialists pretty quickly:

He suggested other variants of the game for Hasbro to put out, such as the Venezuela Edition, starting in 1950 “with the 4th highest GDP per capital in the world [and] end starving in the street with massive shortages of food & medicine,” or the East Germany edition, where “you build a wall across your living room; put all the food, technology & prosperity on one side; erect machine guns on the wall; and shoot anybody who tries to get to the West.”

Ironically, this Twitter storm has driven up the price of the game online:

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