Loser Leftist Curses Out Proud Boy’s Dog in Portland

A brief scuffle broke out in Portland, Oregon Saturday afternoon after a rabid leftist cursed out an innocent Golden Retriever, apparently belonging to a member of the Proud Boys. 

And rightfully so. How dare he bring that innocent dog into the fight for the soul of America? He almost got his ass whooped for his barbaric treatment of that animal. Is nothing sacred to these people?

The dog brushed off the savage attack and kept moving, unbothered by the looming doofus:

Tensions are rising in Portland as the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally heads into the early afternoon local time. One Antifa member has been arrested for allegedly bringing a gun to the event. Another, who was filmed harassing a Washington Examiner reporter earlier in the day, was pepper balled and arrested.

Whatever happens, leave Fido out of this.


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