MSNBC Conspiracy Theorist Deletes Tweet Blaming Russia for Epstein’s Death

One of the lead conspiracy theorists at MSNBC, who propagandized Americans for nearly three years telling them that President Donald J. Trump was in cahoots with the Russians, has deleted a Tweet blaming Russia the untimely death of Jeffrey Epstein. 

“MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough deleted his tweet blaming Russia for murdering Jeffrey Epstein,” Mark Dice said, adding a screenshot of the original Tweet.

“A guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men’s lives ends up dead in his jail cell. How predictably… Russian,” Scarborough originally said.

Scarborough hosts MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” which provides a steady stream of anti-Trump propaganda. The official narrative is that Epstein died by suicide, perhaps why Scarborough decided to delete the Tweet.

He did not provide an explanation or correction for its deletion.

The convicted pedophile was awaiting trial in the Manhattan Correctional Center on charges of child sex trafficking. He was found dead in his cell early Saturday morning. The supposed billionaire was close with powerful politicians and businessmen, and died only a day after thousands of documents were released naming some of the men with whom he associated, including former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and U.S. Senator George Mitchell.

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