National Anthem Singing Hong Kong Protestors are More American than ANTIFA, and we Should Make a Trade

I’ve got a win-win-win scenario for Big Donald, deal-maker-in-chief, that I think America is long overdue in proposing. 

On several occasions, the freedom-fighters in Hong Kong have sung our National Anthem as a rallying cry for their cause – freedom from an oppressive Communist Chinese regime in Beijing.

Exhibit A:

They have even stated their support for our Bill of Rights and Constitution:

These people are great. America is the world’s gold standard to them. They’d probably sell their first-born to become citizens of this fine nation.

Here in America, we have these:

Those things are ANTIFAs. They are a subhuman species that spend their days glorifying Chinese-style communism while swearing up and down that America is a land of horrid oppression, and that the greedy, evil capitalists are preying on the poor and middle class.

They trash the American Flag, as they did Saturday in Portland, Oregon:

You see where I’m going with this?

Why don’t we send the American commies to China – where they’d fit right in – and exchange them for the Hong Kong protestors? China gets commies, we get capitalists, and as an added bonus, the standoff between the Chinese government and the Hong Kong protestors comes to a peaceful resolution.

That’s a win-win-win.

There is a chance that China would reject our offer, given that our commies are generally unwashed miscreants with criminal records. But we can iron out those details once we start the negotiations.

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