Ouch: Monmouth Disavows Own Poll Showing Joe Biden in Third Place

In a highly unusual move, Monmouth University Tuesday disavowed the results of their poll taken last week which shows Joe Biden slipping in the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

The Rundown reported on the poll Sunday:

Former vice president Joe Biden has lost what was a massive lead on the rest of the Democratic Party primary field in a Monmouth University poll of likely voters.

According to Monmouth, Biden slipped 13 points since the last national poll, and trails Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). The middle of the pack remained just about the same, while some surprising names rose in the bottom of the polling, namely entrepreneur Andrew Yang at 3%  and author, spiritual guide, and cat lady Marianne Williamson at 2%.

But after seeing results from other national polls, Patrick Murray who is responsibly for Monmouth’s canvassing, now says he feels the recent Monmouth significantly lower numbers for Biden are an outlier.  He said, “ this is a product of the uncertainty that is inherent in the polling process. It occurs infrequently, but every pollster who has been in this business a while recognizes that outliers happen.”

The poll showed Biden’s favorability dropping 13 percent since Monmouth’s poll taken in June from 32 percent to 19 percent.  Political and media analysts rushed to report and comment on the numbers -pointing to Biden’s recent gaffes in New Hampshire  and other campaign stops as the reason for his “precipitous”  drop.  Since Monday the Biden camp complained loudly about the results forcing Murray to review the poll again and qualify it as an anomaly.

While some believe the Monmouth poll (outlier or not) might be the beginning of the end of Biden’s bid for the nomination, other suggest it could be a wake up call forcing him to decide how much he wants to align himself with Barack Obama.   Commenting on the issue, a Democratic strategist said, “if I was with the Biden campaign, there are lots of things that would keep me up at night.  This poll is not one of them.”