Portland’s Coffee Shop Revolutionaries Lose Facebook Page, Cry on Twitter

The halfway-thugs of Portland, Oregon’s Antifa chapter plan to counter-protest the Proud Boys’ “End Domestic Terrorism” rally (yes, that does make Antifa pro-terrorism) Saturday, but their Facebook page was nuked before the event. 

The group sent the following message on its Twitter account:

Tech censorship sucks, doesn’t it, dorks?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know who Antifa is, but let me give you The Rundown anyway, so to speak.

Antifa is a loosely-affiliated group of commies, most of whom either attend expensive universities or live in their mothers’ basements (though some are indigent, too). Every now and then, they cover their freakish, unnecessarily pierced and tattooed bodies in black clothing, and their mouth-breathing faces with masks, and venture outside during daylight to fight that Big Orange Nazi who occupies the White House – or at least his patriotic American supporters. Sometimes they destroy historical statues because America’s founders were racists, or something.

The typical Antifa looks something like this…

… which is to say, pale and scrawny.

Their goal is a new American Revolution, and sometimes they get to feeling a little bit brave and become violent. But let’s be honest, they’re concentrated and urban areas and one college campuses, and those places barely qualify as America anyway.

They’re no more than Coffee Shop Revolutionaries.

Try to pull some of any of that violent protest shit in rural Texas and see what happens, commie scum.

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