Reddit Finally Quarantines Violent Leftist r/ChapoTrapHouse

r/ChapoTrapHouse dorks cursed by Trump mural at CPAC (Colorized 2019)

r/ChapoTrapHouse, a left-wing subreddit full of violent threats, has finally been quarantined by Reddit administrators after repeated calls to take action from users.

The subreddit, linked to an alt-left, socialist podcast, was awash with violent comments, calling for the death of police officers, Republican politicians, and anyone who dared to oppose their ideology.

The pro-Trump subreddit, r/The_Donald, was previously put in quarantine for one single apparent threat on their forum. This is despite the fact that moderators were constantly working hard to quash anything that could potentially come off as violent, and was a community that abhorred threats, rather than rejoiced in them, as ChapoTrapHouse tended to do.

In an attempt to show the Reddit admins where the true violence on their site lay, users on The_Donald compiled a dossier of extreme comments posted on various left-wing subreddits, including ChapoTrapHouse.

Examples include:

  • “Fuck this fucking country. Steve Scalise should have bled out”
  • “I can’t wait until every cop is dead lmao”
  • “The first politician that hangs Mitch McConnell from hooks and then lays eggs in his abdomen is the one that gets my vote!”
  • “Merry Christmas kill all cops and their families.”

The report can be read in full below:

Tuesday, the mods of ChapoTrapHouse received a message from the Reddit admins, explaining that their community had been quarantined for “observed repeated rule-breaking behavior in your community, especially in the form of encouragement of violence”:

Despite several prior warnings, we continue to observe and take action on a disproportionate amount of rule-breaking behavior by members of this community. We are also troubled that violent content often goes unreported, and worse, is upvoted. We measure this quantitatively and observed that your subscribers upvote violative content at a significantly higher rate than subreddits of a similar size and topical focus to yours.

Users of ChapoTrapHouse were fuming. One user said the decision was “such bullshit, but most admins are libs or libertarian tech Bros so this is to be expected”. Another argued admins were playing a “false equivalency game in order to placate the fash snowflakes who, as the post above notes, have harassed this sub far more than the other way around.”

It has yet to be seen whether Reddit will start quarantining or taking action against any of the other left-wing subreddits, such as r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut, or r/LateStageCapitalism, which according to the report, are also full of calls to violence.

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