Report: Jeffrey Epstein Kept ‘Meticulously Detailed Diaries’

According to a Monday report in Britain’s Mirror, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly killed himself while he awaited trial for alleged underage sex trafficking, kept detailed diaries that could spell trouble for his elite friends. 

“The royals went to church after it emerged Jeffrey Epstein, right, who killed himself in jail, kept a ‘meticulously detailed’ diary of his friendships with the rich and famous,” according to the report.

The story is of particular importance to some Britons because Epstein is said to have been close to Prince Andrew, the “favorite son” of Queen Elizabeth.

“Sources revealed Epstein kept a diary detailing his friendships with powerful associates – including Andrew and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell – as an insurance policy,'” according to the report. “Its existence emerged as lawyers for the victims look to obtain a statement from the Prince as part of ongoing investigations by various US law enforcement authorities.”

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has vowed to obtain justice for Epstein’s alleged victims, despite his untimely death under suspicious circumstances. Monday, the FBI raided Epstein’s private island, known as “Orgy Island” – a hangout of former president Bill Clinton’s – as part of an ongoing investigation.

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