Ricky Rebel’s New Single ‘Sing Freedom’ is Meant to Bring Americans Together

American singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, and recording artist Ricky Rebel has recently released the song “Sing Freedom,” which represents a message of unity under the identity only we, as Americans, share.  Although we may have social divide due to our partisanship, we share more in common than we are lead to believe. Rebel’s message is for all Americans, without asterisks.

Rebel hosts many different live streams on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, and Youtube. Recently he has discussed at length the effects that being openly pro-Trump has had on his life personally, as well as professionally. Censorship of conservatives extends to the nightlife, entertainment, and music industries and can include not allowing airtime to talented artists based on where they fall in the political spectrum. This particularly effects Rebel as an active and well known LGBT rights advocate.

“I produced ‘Sing Freedom’ because I wanted to inspire people to come together as Americans,” Rebel told The Rundown. “Even though we disagree on certain issues, at the end of the day, we have one thing in common, this beautiful nation.”

Rebel said that being an American is a beautiful thing largely because of our unique freedom of speech granted by the First Amendment. The only thing that is accomplished by censorship of individuals or groups is division. The censored are refused a platform to voice their true intention, and the opposing party can freely paint them however they’d like to, knowing they cannot respond or call foul. The public is then lead to believe that the banned ideas are so dangerous that they don’t deserve a platform, and largely avoid viewing any content that doesn’t conform.

To make one thing clear: Ricky Rebel Does Not Conform. Ricky Rebel Rocks.

“I love being an American and having freedom of speech and expression,” he said. “We are divided at the moment out of fear but when we come together as one and allow people to voice their views and not censor them, even when we disagree, we can see where each other are coming from and work together for solutions.”

“‘Sing Freedom’ is a peace offering. My ultimate goal is to bring people together and create harmony.” 

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