Slippin’ Joe: Biden Loses Lead in First Major Poll

Former vice president Joe Biden has lost what was a massive lead on the rest of the Democratic Party primary field in a Monmouth University poll of likely voters. 

Washington Post’s Dave Weigel posted the results of the poll to his Twitter account.

According to Monmouth, Biden slipped 13 points since the last national poll, and trails Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). The middle of the pack remained just about the same, while some surprising names rose in the bottom of the polling, namely entrepreneur Andrew Yang at 3%  and author, spiritual guide, and cat lady Marianne Williamson at 2%.

Biden has made serious gaffes nearly every time he’s been in front of the camera during the campaign. Over the weekend, he said it was great to be visiting Vermont. He was in Keene, New Hampshire. Rest assured, though, because he says he’s “not going nuts.”

With the third round of Democratic Primary debates coming up, it appears that Biden’s formerly-commanding lead over the rest of the field is slipping. Biden is currently 76, and will turn 78 just around election day in 2020.

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