Syrian Migrant Accused of Stabbing German Man to Death with ‘Samurai Sword’

A German man was killed earlier today by his Syrian migrant roommate in the industrial city of Stuttgart in southern Germany. The man was brutally hacked to death in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street.

A local German newspaper first reported the incident.

The murder was witnessed by several bystanders who tried to intervene, but they were unable to approach the suspect who was reportedly wielding a samurai sword-like object. As police approached he sped away on his bicycle but was captured a short time later.

This is the second murder of a German citizen by a migrant this week.

Monday, an eight year old boy was pushed in front of a train in the busy Frankfurt train station by an Eritrean refugee living in Switzerland, who was on the lamb in Germany, running from  authorities.  The boy died instantly.

His mother, who was also pushed onto the tracks, saved herself by rolling under the train. The refugee escaped the scene but was captured by alert train passengers and an off duty policeman. The suspect would no speak to authorities, so no motive was officially determined.

Conservative politicians In Germany have used these incidents to criticize the immigration policies of Prime Minister Angela Merkel, and not unexpectedly, choruses of liberal lawmakers defended those policies by downplaying the murders of its own citizens.

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