Teen Vogue Continues to Promote Abortion to Children

Teen Vogue has received criticism from Conservatives groups nationwide for recent articles that promote abortion. Stories titled “How to Get an Abortion if You’re a Teen,”  “What it Was Like to Get a Later Abortion,” and the empathy based “What to Get Your Friend Post-Abortion” are replete with anti-Life tropes.

A large part of the first essay, “How to Get an Abortion if You’re a Teen”  tells readers who are under 18 and live in states which require parental consent, how judicial by-pass procedures work. Judicial by-pass would allow a judge to make a decision about the abortion if the teen says telling her parents would endanger her. Teen Vogue describes states with parental consent laws as “obstructionist” and instructs readers who live in one to look for clinics who would help them navigate the judicial procedures and also ways to pay for the abortion.

In “What it Was Like to Get a Later Abortion”, the author of the article gives several excuses for not knowing she was pregnant until her 26th week, including, her hospital-based pregnancy test came back negative (they have a 99% accuracy rate) and, her doctor said she couldn’t get pregnant because she has ovarian cysts.

Unable to have the late term abortion in Oregon because of “confusing” abortion laws, the author whined about the high cost of getting rid of the baby in another state –  $13,000 – only $200 of which was paid by her insurance. Her final complaint was that since Roe v. Wade explicitly made abortion a constitutional right, implicitly the ruling means that abortion should be accessible to all at any time during the pregnancy and it should especially, be cheap.

It seems it would have been much easier (and less expensive) for this woman to have the baby in Oregon and give it up for adoption.  Since she mentioned has insurance, it probably would have paid for most, if not all of the delivery.

Lastly, in “What to Get Your Friend Post-Abortion,” the article suggests ways to soothe a friend by telling her that it’s not so bad to have had an abortion. Tell her, it said, it is a “false stigma.”

There were some “practical” ideas for presents such as, chocolate (of course), a uterus shaped heating pad, a “f**k you pin shaped like a hand” with the middle digit raised (and available in race appropriate colors), and lastly my favorite, a Ruth Bader Ginsberg coloring book.

Teen Vogue and the Liberal mainstream media are determined to fight the growing pro-life movement in our country by shamelessly working to normalize abortion and indoctrinate our teenagers. We’ll keep you posted.

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