The Vox ‘Reporter’ Who Tried to Get Steven Crowder De-Platformed is Out of a Job

Liberal activist and pretend reporter Carlos Maza, whose claim to fame was a crusade to get right-wing commentator Steven Crowder de-platformed, is no longer employed at Vox, according to several Wednesday reports. 

“Initially, sources said, Vox executives had supported him in his battle with Crowder. But as Maza wanted to escalate the all-out war, their support seemed to wane,” according to The New York Post. 

Whether he was fired or quit on his own remains a mystery. He has not made a public statement about his employment situation, but he did post a cryptic Tweet on August 11.

“hello from the ~shakiest~ few weeks of my life,” it said.

Maza, who is openly gay, took offense after Crowder mocked him several times on his YouTube show, and started a campaign to have Crowder banned from YouTube in June. During the two-week saga, Crowder’s channel was de-monetized, but he was not removed from YouTube.

Maza later set his sights on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, but management apparently lost interest in fighting his battles before he could get to Carlson.

The former Vox writer billed himself as a journalist, but was more of a far-left activist than anything else.

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