Trump Mocks After Break-In at Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore Home

FORT WORTH, TX - FEBRUARY 26: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center on February 26, 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas. Trump is campaigning in Texas, days ahead of the Super Tuesday primary. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

President Donald J. Trump Friday took a veiled swipe at Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), whose Baltimore home was reportedly broken into on Thursday. 

“Really bad news! The Baltimore house of Elijah Cummings was robbed. Too bad!” Trump said on Twitter

Last week, the leftist media freaked out, attempting to defend Cummings and the city of Baltimore after Trump called it a “rat-infested” city. (RELATED: Media Silent After Obama Called Baltimore Residents ‘Criminals’ and ‘Thugs’ In 2015)

Hurling the typical pejoratives at Trump, the left swore up and down that Baltimore is a lovely city, despite the fact that it has a sky-high murder rate, and video evidence shows that it looks like a third world country:

Cummings became the latest victim of the often-discussed “Trump Curse.” Bad things often seem to happen to those who spar with Trump in public.

“Baltimore Police are investigating after the home of Rep. Elijah Cummings was broken into early Saturday morning,” according to CBS13. “At this time, police don’t know if any property was taken.”

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