Trump Order: No More Fentanyl Shipments from China

President Donald J. Trump has ordered American companies to refuse to take fentanyl shipments from China for delivery in the U.S.  

In a bold move which previous Presidents did not have the courage to make, Trump ordered companies such as Fedex, Amazon, UPS and the Post Office to search and decline shipments of fentanyl, from China and other countries. The businesses all responded by saying they are following appropriate laws on transporting controlled substances.

The scourge of opioid drugs such as fentanyl kills nearly 100,000 Americans every year, destroying families and ruining countless lives. Though Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to reduce opioid shipments to the U.S. during trade talks, he has not delivered, and Trump is tired of waiting.

The action comes as the trade war with China continues to escalate. Taking advantage of the most robust economy in recent memory, the Administration is increasing tariffs on goods imported from China in order to reduce the trade deficit with that country which totaled $418 billion dollars in 2018. Historically, China has applied much higher tariffs to American made goods being imported to China than the U.S. places on goods made in China and sent to the U.S. resulting in the ever increasing deficit.

Unfair trade practices by the Chinese government effectively prevents U.S. companies from competing with native businesses to sell their goods and buy very few agricultural products from the U.S., closing off a major source of income for ranchers and farmers.

It is also widely known that Xi promotes a policy of stealing intellectual property in the form of technology from more advanced countries in order to achieve his goals. When stealing intellectual property is not viable China will buy major stakes in American companies to use in technology transfers.

Trump and his economic advisors understand that Xi’s government is a ruthless trading “partner” and are taking aggressive steps they feel are needed to correct the situation.

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