UPDATE: Maine ‘Diversity’ Group Shuts Down Facebook Page After Backlash from Bullying State Trooper’s Widow

After a Maine “Diversity Forum” bullied an elderly State Trooper’s widow, forcing her to remove a Thin Blue Line flag flown in honor of her husband, patriots from around the state rallied to her side and won a victory over the leftist outrage mob. 

“Mary Black Andrews of York, Maine put the flag up on a telephone pole at the ‘York Street intersection of a family compound on Andrews Way,’ in memorial of her late husband,” The Rundown reported on July 26. “The ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag is meant to honor police officers killed in the line of duty. But the town’s ‘Diversity Forum’ forced her to take it down after it was deemed ‘racist,’ citing the flag’s presence at the Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right; rally in 2017.”

State Trooper Charles Black was killed in the line of duty 55 years ago after responding to a bank robbery.

Restore Maine’s Future, a nonprofit, took to the streets and rallied on behalf of Andrews, according to its Facebook page:

Last week the family of fallen trooper Charles Black tried to honor his memory by flying the “thin blue line” flag in…

Posted by Restore Maine's Future on Friday, August 2, 2019

The event was organized by Maine GOP Vice Chair Nick Isgro.

“In a time when Marxist thugs continue to bully everyday people under the guise of ‘diversity,’ it was incredibly uplifting to help a community stand up to the intimidation,” Isgro told The Rundown. “The overwhelmingly positive response from the community showed the left that their angry mobs will no longer go unanswered.”

Mason Carson, a Maine resident, told The Rundown that the “Diversity Forum,” which fought Andrews and forced the removal of the flag, shut down its Facebook page after facing significant backlash from patriots in Maine who rallied around her.

“The diversity forum got torn apart by locals,” Carson said.

It was a solid win for pro-American Mainers who simply refused to submit to the leftist mob.

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