WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Tries to Salvage Credibility After Proposing ‘Red Flag Laws’

GOPe dupe and establishment golden boy Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) made a video Sunday explaining that he doesn’t really believe in the “Red Flag” laws that he proposed we implement, but rather he believes in a different version of such laws that wouldn’t infringe upon your due process or Second Amendment rights. 

“I stated on Twitter that maybe we should considered [‘Red Flag’ laws] at the state level,” Crenshaw said in a Twitter video. “Maybe we should have a conversation about it, and it should be a conversation.”

He then explained that everyone misunderstood what he meant by “Red Flag” laws, and that he was unhappy with the backlash he faced after his original proposal. He said it was “sad” that anyone would think he betrayed them.

He said that the Republican version – his version – of “Red Flag” laws would most certainly not infringe upon your Second Amendment or due process rights.

But Crenshaw’s original Tweets from two weeks ago contradict what he said in his video, proving that you did not misunderstand him.

In fact, he wasn’t talking about implementing “Red Flag” laws at a “state level.” In his Tweets, he even linked to a bill proposing such laws at the federal level.

“These disgusting mass shootings have been following a pattern ever since Columbine,” he said after two mass shootings two weekends ago. “Sick and lonely men have decided this is how they will vent their frustration. The solutions aren’t obvious, even if we pretend they are. But we must try. Let’s start with the TAPS Act. Maybe also implement state ‘red flag’ laws, or gun violence restraining orders. Stop them before they can hurt someone.”

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