WATCH: Thug Who Allegedly Attacked Trump Supporters at Warren Town Hall Dragged Out by Security

A thug who physically attacked supporters of President Donald J. Trump at an Elizabeth Warren town hall in Tempe, Arizona Friday was dragged out of the event venue by security. 

“Witnesses accused the Trump supporters of yelling at people, making comment [sic] and stirring up trouble,” according to KOLD13. “As they were being escorted out by security, 29-year-old Kristian Doak, a Warren supporter, lunged at members of the AZ Patriots.”

Doak allegedly tried to swipe a phone from the Trump supporters.

“Warren’s campaign approached us and was very rude and held their signs completely over our faces,” according to Jennifer Harrison with AZ Patriots. “This animal over here lunged after us, tried to grab our phone from my partner’s hands.”

Doak also allegedly tried to hit the Trump supporters a second time as he was being dragged out of the rally.


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