Lena Dunham Accused of Sexual Misconduct Against Brad Pitt

Lena Dunham, a self-described “lifelong feminist” and #MeToo advocate appeared to openly sexually assault her coworker Brad Pitt on the red carpet premier of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Whispers of disapproval can be heard in some headlines, and comments in related articles, yet there is little reference to the sexually aggressive nature of her act, or the history of this behavior.

Last week she tweeted, “It’s not every day I get to wear a mumu, go barefoot, flirt with #BradPitt, and join a cult . . . as a job.”

“The last time Lena and Brad made headlines together was when they filmed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last year and the paparazzi snapped her “flashing” Brad her underwear,” as reported by Cosmopolitan. 

Sexually suggestive comments or actions such as these are commonly considered workplace harassment, and in the event of an unwelcome sexual advance would commonly be used to demonstrate a pattern of predatory behavior towards that individual. 

After an awkward kiss, Dunham was accused of sexual misconduct.

While there is no evidence to suggest that Pitt has had anything negative to say concerning these events, there is the underlying question to be answered. What would we say if the gender roles were reversed?

The question is important in an age where one of the most polarizing talking points concerns equality between the genders. Are there different standards for men and women in this circumstance? 

Journalist Tim Pool raised this question on his August 2 TimCast video.

He argued that if a younger, less fit male went to kiss an older, very beautiful woman without her permission, the narrative of the event would have been much darker. There likely would have been outrage about the uncomfortable nature of a female receiving an unwelcome public sexual gesture from a male.

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