All Of A Sudden, Weather Is Climate Again!

It’s a political sleight-of-hand that never fails.

Have an extra-cold winter week? That’s just weather. It has nothing to do with climate change, you climate-denying Republican simpletons! But when a major hurricane hits during hurricane season? Well, that’s obviously because of climate change!

Leave it to the 16-year-old Swedish victim of child abuse, Greta Thunberg to explain. The climate wiz kid posted a CNN video of the wreckage from Hurricane Dorian to her Twitter account, claiming it was a product of climate change:

But try telling Greta that the blizzard that hits in February is proof positive that climate change, or global warming – or whatever we’re calling it now – doesn’t exist.

You’ll receive a swift lecture about how weather absolutely does not equal climate… unless it can be used to score political points against Republicans.

I wrote about this phenomenon, which plays out in the mainstream media during hurricane season every year in my latest book, Enemies: The Press vs. The American People.

Bottom line: Never assume the political left is arguing in good faith.