Alyssa Milano Challenges Ted Cruz to Gun Debate

Alyssa Milano, the leftist actress and campaigner, has challenged Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to a debate on gun control to be held sometime next week.

The offer was made by Milano after Senator Cruz replied to a tweet of Milano’s attacking Texas Rep Matt Schaefer; Milano implicated he was paid off by the “gun lobby” to be pro-Second Amendment.

Cruz responded to this with a series of 10 tweets, noting that it is not the right to bear arms that is God-given, but the right to defend one’s own life and liberty.

Milano told Cruz that she would “love” to talk with him on guns and “other issues, and suggested the meeting be live-streamed “so the American people can hear your bullshit 1st hand.” She insinuated Cruz was also bought by the NRA and other gun lobbyists.

Cruz said that he was happy to sit down and unite with her to “stop gun violence” and talk about other big issues, in order to “help resolve the discord” that is affecting the nation now.

Last week, Milano spread fake news about President Donald J. Trump, claiming he had deported children with cancer. She claimed that this was “indefensible,” and that the President therefore had to be impeached.

Cruz was recently approached by protestors at LAX, where he hilariously laughed in their faces.

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