Black Trump Supporter Demands Reparations from Confused White Liberals

A black Trump supporter showed up at Grand Central Station in New York City at an anti-ICE protest where he approached attendees and attempted to assuage them of their white guilt by requesting reparations.

The left has long been pushing the idea of reparations for black Americans – some presidential candidates even adding it to their platforms – so this Trump supporter decided to prove a point. He made it clear that all reparations would be donated to the campaign of President Donald J. Trump.

Summit News was able to obtain quotes from the Trump supporter about his take on the white gilt of the anti-ICE protestors.

“If you’re a white liberal or Democrat pay me reparations because ya’ll saying I deserve it – not that I want it – but ya’ll saying I deserve it and I will immediately turn it over to the Trump campaign,” the man said.

“They told me they’re trying to buy my vote but you won’t get my vote. My vote is going here – to Trump 2020,” he added.

The liberals, most of them white, were baffled by the precarious situation, and responded to the man’s requests with nervous laughter, recognizing that their virtue signaling had failed.

It appears that upper-middle class white liberals only support reparations for blacks who agree with them politically.

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