Brown University Director With Ties to Epstein Put On Leave

Peter Cohen, a fundraising director at Brown University, has been put on administrative leave after his ties with Jeffrey Epstein were revealed.

Cohen began working as director of development for computer science and data initiatives at Brown University in 2018. Previously, he was the director of development for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Media Lab. The New Yorker on Friday released emails showing that the Media Lab continued to accept donations from Jeffrey Epstein after he had been convicted of sex offenses, despite being listed as “disqualified” in their official donor database.

Some of those emails were between Joichi Ito, another director of the Media Lab, and Cohen. Ito had solicited a donation from Epstein to fund “a certain researcher” – after the money was secured, both Cohen and Ito made sure to note that the donor information should be kept anonymous. Another donation from Bill Gates in October 2014 that had apparently been directed by Epstein to MIT, also had his name scrubbed off. “For gift recording purposes, we will not be mentioning Jeffrey’s name as the impetus for this gift,” Cohen wrote.

Brian Clark, a spokesman for Brown University, told the Providence Journal that they were aware of the reports of Cohen’s activity at MIT:

Brown has not in its history received any funds from Jeffrey Epstein… We are engaged in a review of available information regarding Mr. Cohen in the context of Brown University policies, core values and the University’s commitment to treat employees fairly. Mr. Cohen is on administrative leave pending this review. The review does not constitute any adverse determination, and it would be premature to speak to any potential outcomes.

The disgraced financier and convicted pedophile died last month in prison in circumstances that were officially declared a suicide, but doubts have been raised by people across the political spectrum. The suspicions are not helped by the fact that both cameras outside his cell broke at the time of his death, and that powerful people, such as Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, had connections to him.

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