COURT DOCS: Virginia Sheriff Viar Guilty Of Abuse, Cruelty To Former Wife; Endorses Blackface AG Herring

Recently surfaced court documents obtained by The Rundown News show that Amherst County Sheriff E.W. Viar was accused by then-wife, Tonya Viar, of extreme forms of abuse for several years during their marriage.  

The court documents, which were part of several filings during their divorce proceedings, paint a very dark and gloomy picture of their marriage, with accusations being flying in all directions. 

“The the defendant [E.W. Viar] is and has been guilty of extreme mental anguish and mental cruelty over the last several years of the parties’ marriage,” court documents said.

At the time of the accusations, Sheriff Viar’s son and daughter, age 7 and 11, were both residing at their home.

The court documents said that a “pattern of abuse has culminated with the defendant [E.W. Viar] wrongfully forcing plaintiff [Tonya Gryder] out of parties’ marital home on September 27th, 1998.”

These explosive accusations against Sheriff Viar stem from his ex-wife’s claims against him for child support and custody of their children. It is unknown whether Sheriff Viar ultimately decided to support the two children born while he was married to Tonya. 

The full extent of alleged abuse is also unknown.

As of press time, Sheriff Viar’s campaign has not issued a statement responding to the recently-surfaced allegation. 

In addition to being under fire for allegations of abuse by the mother of his children, Sheriff Viar has also endorsed Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring who infamously admitted to wearing blackface in the wake of the Ralph Northam blackface-Klan hood scandal. 

Yearbook photos of Ralph Northam wearing either black face or a Klan hood surfaced after the Democrat governor openly discussed infanticide, leading to AG Herring to initially call for Northam’s resignation. 

Within a few days, however, A.G. Herring decided to publicly confess to wearing blackface in college. 

Herring claimed he wore blackface to pay tribute to rapper Kurtis Blow.

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