Florida Teacher Reassigned After Describing Trump as ‘Idiot’ on Test

A Palm Beach Gardens, Florida middle school teacher has been reassigned after a parent complained about a question on his child’s quiz which openly criticized President Donald J. Trump.

The multiple choice question asked by the Computer Applications teacher asked students to pick an answer based on description. It read as follows: 45th President; 2017; Republican; Real Estate Businessman, Idiot

The answer choices were Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, or Jimmy Carter

The parents brought their concerns to the attention of school principal Philip D’Amico who sent a letter to parents of students attending Duncan Middle School apologizing for the teacher’s conduct. He said in part, “the question was inappropriate and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgement on the part of the teacher. An investigation is now underway.”

The teacher’s name was publicly withheld because it is a personnel issue.