Illegal Alien Advocacy Group Paid Fine of Illegal Who Later Killed FBI Agent in Car Crash, Angel Wife Claims

The wife of an FBI Agent who was killed by an illegal immigrant in a car crash claims that he had his $15,000 bail and $280 fine paid by Casa de Maryland, a “Latino advocacy group.”

Speaking at a rally against the sanctuary policies of Montgomery County, Maryland, Marla Wolff recalled the accident that claimed the lives of her husband, Carlos Wolff, an FBI agent, and Sander Cohen, a fire marshal. Carlos had crashed his car into the side of the road, and Cohen came out to help him. The two men were standing at the edge of the road when they were plowed into by Roberto A. Garza Palacios, who was on his way to a party. Cohen was thrown straight into the air and onto the other side of the road, where he was hit by an oncoming vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Carlos survived the initial hit, but died shortly afterwards in hospital.

Garza Palacios was not found guilty of criminal charges, and was merely fined $280 for “negligent driving.” This is despite the fact his record includes two DUI’s, two counts of endangerment of life, property and person, and possession of cocaine. He was not tested for blood alcohol levels after the crash, and there were no tire marks at the scene.

Speaking shortly after the initial sentence, Marla described the ruling as “ridiculous”:

We’re just absolutely irate. For him to just be given this small fine to pay is just ridiculous…

My kids don’t have their father anymore. Father’s Day was so hard… We don’t want anyone else to go through these horrific losses.

At the rally, Marla claimed that Garza Palacios’s fine $15,000 bail was paid for by Casa de Maryland, a “Latino advocacy group,” that is funded by the government. “Thank you Casa de Maryland,” she said, “for using taxpayer money to support criminals.”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had requested the deportation of Garza Palacios in 2015, but due to the sanctuary policies of Montgomery County, he was not picked up. Marla believes that if he were, her husband and Sander would absolutely still be alive today:

Our families are going through so much heartbreak and we don’t want the same thing to happen to you. We don’t want criminals on the road who are being protected because of our laws… My children don’t have their dad. They will never get to see him on this earth again, and he doesn’t get to see them grow up. They were 2 and 7 at the time of the accident, my husband’s family don’t have Carlos anymore with them, and they are in deep grief. We can only hope that Montgomery County, Maryland, will change its laws, so that these things will not happen to any of you.

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