Leftist Judge Mocks Texas Governor’s Disability

A Democrat appointed Travis County, Texas judge has come under fire for an insensitive “joke” she made about Texas Governor Greg Abbot (R) during an appearance at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin on Friday.

In a panel discussion concerning the Texas Legislature’s activism on overturning local ordinances such as Austin’s one on cutting down trees, Judge Sarah Eckhardt joked that the Governor “hates trees because one fell on him.” Members of the panel and the audience laughed.
Abbott, 61 has been a paraplegic since 1984 when a tree fell on him when he was jogging in Houston.

Judge Eckhardt apologized for the remark late Friday after The Federalist political editor John Daniel Davidson tweeted about the comment earlier in the day.  In her apology the judge said, “I spoke about the importance of being able to disagree without being disagreeable, but then said something disagreeable.”

Travis County Republican Committee Chairman Matt Mackowiak said, “Judge Eckhardt apparently believes that his (Governor Abbott’s) disability is open to ridicule if it helps her make a political argument.”

It is evident that Judge Eckhardt, like many Liberals, find it easier to argue in favor of platitudes than to have empathy for the individual day to day struggles of people who try to live their best life in spite of the obstacles they face.  It also shows an amazing lack of awareness for the plight of others, which we would expect is a primary requirement for being a judge.  

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