Leftist Redditors Post Guide to Doxxing Trump Donors

The leftist subreddit, r/FuckTheAltRight, has posted a guide, showing its members how to dox (release the personal information) of Trump donors.

In a pinned post on their subreddit, there is a guide that shows how to look up the details of Trump donors via the SEC website. They also encourage members of the subreddit to look up donors near them.

While they do not explicitly encourage violence on this post, the subreddit has a history of goading members to commit violence against Trump supporters.

Breitbart News compiled a list of violent posts from the subreddit:

This subreddit is within the same ecosystem as r/ChapoTrapHouse, which was quarantined by Reddit admins last month, after a number of violent threats were posted. Examples of their violent rhetoric include:

  • “Fuck this fucking country. Steve Scalise should have bled out”
  • “I can’t wait until every cop is dead lmao”
  • “The first politician that hangs Mitch McConnell from hooks and then lays eggs in his abdomen is the one that gets my vote!”
  • “Merry Christmas kill all cops and their families.”

It is unclear whether Reddit will quarantine r/FuckTheAltRight, or whether they will be left alone to continue terrorizing anybody who supports the President.

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