“MARTA” Marcy Sakrison is Likely Concealing Donors; Westmoreland/Ralston Machine Threatens Gutter Politics

An Atlanta Tea Party leader has filed ethics complaints against career politician’s daughter who’s trying to ride MARTA into the state house. 

Debbie Dooley officially filed a complaint with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission against Marcy Sakrison, who is also known around her district as “MARTA” Marcy Sakrison. You can read the official complaint below.

Sakrison is the daughter of career politician Lynn Westmoreland. 

The complaint reads as follows: 

The Committee to Elect Marcy Sakrison submitted their campaign disclosures on 8/22/2O19, a week after the reporting deadline. 

It has been reported by multiple sources that a large amount of direct mail was sent to voters prior to the disclosures being filed, yet no expenditures for direct mail appear in the disclosure. 

Additionally, thousands of dollars were spent on digital ads through the Committee to Elect Marcy Sakrison’s Facebook page, yet this was not reported as an expenditure or reported as an in-kind donation.

The Committee to Elect Marcy Sakrison is potentially concealing the source of in-kind donations that exceed campaign contribution limits, or it is concealing large campaign expenditures from the required disclosure forms.

The campaign has been hard fought, given that scandal-plagued House Speaker David Ralson has endorsed lobbyist Sakrison. 

Sakrison’s powerful backer David Ralston exploited a legal loophole to shield a child molesting preacher from justice. 

The scandal is so bad ten members of the state house have called on Ralston to resign. 

Neither Marcy Sakrison nor Jay Walker have indicated whether or not they support David Ralston’s use of legal loopholes to protect child molesters as of press time.

The Ralston/Westmoreland political machine responded by lashing out with threats of gutter politics.

In facing scrutiny over light being shed on their multiple unsavory associations, the Sakrison camp and its staff has decided to lash out with “bottom of the barrel politics,” according to Sakrison top consultant Jay Walker. 

Walker is well known in Georgia political circles for working with establishment Republicans in the state. 

At issue was a mail piece linking focusing on Jay Walker’s arrest in a vote buying scandal in Alabama with Ralston’s ethical scandals and Sakrison’s deep ties to them. 

The Rundown News obtained the transcript of a phone call between the Sakrison campaign’s top consultant and the campaign of an opposing candidate  

The transcript shows that Walker is keen to keep his scandal from harming his clients. 

“I can tell you this. I don’t appreciate it worth a shit,” Walker cussed. 

“Have you ever seen a paid advertisement [attack campaign staff]? “To use me to try to attack somebody that I’m working for? Is absolute bullshit. And you guys are about to find bottom of the barrel politics,” Walker said. 

When asked what he meant, Walker responded, “You got two weeks bud — you’ll see what it means.”

“Is that a threat?” the opposing campaigner asked.

“You’re about to learn a hard lesson.” 

The special election in Georgia’s 71st district is next Tuesday, October 1st.