Millionaire With Info About Jeffrey Epstein ‘Disappeared Like a Ghost’

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A man whom police suspect had dirt on an elite pedophile has disappeared as French authorities sought him for questioning. 

“Jean-Luc Brunel, 72, has vanished as police seek to ask the Frenchman ‘urgent’ questions about the paedophile,” according to Daily Mail. 

The pedophile, of course, is the infamous financier Jeffrey Epstein, who can no longer spill his secrets because dead men tell no tales. He died on Aug. 10 in his jail cell in the Manhattan Correctional Center as he awaited trial on charges related to indecent liberties with children.

French copes say Brunel “has disappeared like a ghost without a trace.”

Brunel, who founded New York City’s MC2 modeling agency, said he was never involved in any of the crimes Epstein committed. But we may never find out for sure, as Brunel is unavailable for comment due to his ill-timed disappearance.

Epstein had ties in the business and political world. One of his particularly interesting connections was former president Bill Clinton, said to have flown on Epstein’s private plane “The Lolita Express” 26 times. It would have been interesting to hear about those flights, but that could only happen in a parallel universe where high-profile pedophiles don’t wind up six feet under or gone with the wind.

“Investigators are making enquiries in Brazil, the US and Europe and French prosecutors are also pursuing claims relating to the financier, who died aged 66 before he could face the latest allegations,” Daily Mail said.

Epstein owned a multi-million dollar apartment in Paris, where Brunel lived. Currently, Brunel’s is a missing persons case.

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