New York Times Advice For 2020 Dems: Lie

The New York Times Sunday published a wretched opinion piece instructing 2020 Democrat Party presidential candidates to lie about what they believe – and about President Donald J. Trump – in order to win the presidency this time around. 

“[The candidates] are not focusing on issues that expose Trump’s many vulnerabilities,” the piece said. “They have instead devoted substantial time to wonky subjects that excite some progressive activists — and alienate most American voters.”

In other words, The New York Times thinks the Democrats in the race should tone it down with the wild far-left nonsense they actually believe (that, say, we should impose red meat quotas on Americans, or try to confiscate their weapons) and pretend to be centrists instead.

And what about those “many vulnerabilities” Trump supposedly has?

“They should be casting Trump as a plutocrat in populist’s clothes, who has used the presidency to enrich himself and other wealthy insiders at the expense of hard-working middle-class families. It’s a caricature that has the benefit of truth,” the piece said.

The evidence for that claim? Another New York Times opinion piece, which basically claims that because Trump’s businesses are still functional, he must be using the presidency to his financial benefit. The Times forgets that “politician” was never supposed to be a career.

“The mistake that Democratic candidates have made is thinking that just because they should activate their progressive id on some issues, they should do so on all issues,” the piece continued.

It cited one particularly egregious belief held sincerely by the Democrat candidates which they should hide in order to win: the fact that none of them believe crossing the border illegally should be a crime.

Immigration is consistently a top issue among Americans. By and large, they want closed borders and reduced immigration. Suffice to say, that hasn’t been what Democrats have been pushing. So, The New York Times says, they should lie.

The same goes for eliminating private healthcare. Top Democrats love that idea. Americans don’t. And again, The Times thinks that Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) should tone down their support for socialized medicine because 67% of Americans don’t think that’s a good idea.

And there you have it. The key to winning over the American people? Just lie. The Times does it all the time. But then again, Americans don’t really like The Times, so perhaps that’s not the best advice.

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