One America News Files Defamation Suit Against Rachel Maddow

Upstart conservative outlet One America News Network (OAN) has filed a defamation suit against MSNBC conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow, among others. 

“The Complaint further alleges that one week after OAN’s President, Charles Herring, called out and objected to Comcast’s anti-competitive censorship in an email to Comcast’s President of Content Acquisition, MSNBC’s most popular show—The Rachel Maddow Show—opened with the show’s host, Rachel Maddow, telling her audience that OAN ‘really literally is paid Russian propaganda,'” OAN said.

Other parties to the lawsuit include Comcast Corporation, NBC Universal Media, LLC, and MSNBC Cable LLC, and the suit seeks damages of $10 million.

OAN is owned by Rich Herring of Herring Networks, Inc., and is an up-and-coming news source for conservatives. It has often been cited by President Donald J. Trump on Twitter, especially as Fox News makes a marked shift towards the political left.

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