Scientists Call Out Climate Alarmist Frauds Over Amazon Forest Fires

The Amazon is burning!  The Amazon is burning!  This had been the drumbeat of liberal climate cult alarmists including scientists, politicians and celebrities for the entire month of August. The internet was flooded with monetary pleas to “save the rainforest.”

It turns out though that the hyperbole surrounding the issue of the fires in the Amazon Rainforest making air harder to breath throughout the world is not true. The “lungs of the world” may be on fire, but several scientists recently wrote articles and made presentations completely contradicting their colleagues’ alarmism.

While the fires negatively affect the undeniably rich biodiversity of the region, the amount of oxygen produced by the Amazon is not that significant. According to Dr. Scott Denning, a professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University, most of the oxygen produced by forests through photosynthesis each year is actually consumed by the living things – insects and microbes – that live in the forest.

Shanan Peters, a geologist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison explained in a presentation last week that if humans burned every forest, blade of grass, bird and bacteria on Earth, the concentration of oxygen in our atmosphere would be reduced from 20.9 percent to 20.4 percent. There would be virtually no change, he explained.

“Generations of humans would live out their lives, breathing the air around them, probably struggling to find food, but not worried about their next breath,” Peters said.

Interestingly enough, Denning noted that half of the world’s oxygen is actually produced by phytoplankton, tiny microscopic organisms that live in the ocean.

While it is true that forest fires anywhere in the world are devastating to plant and wildlife, climate change and environmental activists have shamelessly used the Amazon Rainforest fires as another to tool to push their radical agenda.

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