WATCH: PewDiePie Epically Revokes $50,000 ADL Donation

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is a group of leftist slobs that patrols the internet for content they it finds objectionable, and labels ordinary conservative with ordinary conservative views as “racists” or “anti-Semites.” 

They did just that to YouTube star PewDiePie, who has created a subculture of followers who refuse to bend a knee to the politically correct dorks at non-profits like the ADL, choosing instead to say and believe whatever they want, as is their God-given right under the First Amendment. The ADL claimed that PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg “widely disseminated” so-called hate speech.

When PewDiePie reached 100,000,000 YouTube subscribers, he decided to donate $50,000 to the ADL in what was largely viewed as a shakedown by the “anti-hate” group. When he made the announcement Wednesday, the internet was set ablaze. His fans were rightfully distraught. Giving into the mob never stops the mob from attempting to scalp you.

But Thursday, PweDiePie epically rescinded his generous donation offer, ripping the $50,000 out of the hands of the salivating leftist hate-mongers at the ADL.

“To be fair, I saw [the donation] as a way to put an end to these alt-right claims that have been thrown against me,” he said. “It wasn’t to try to clear my name or save grace. If it was, I would’ve done it years ago.”

He then explained that he rushed into the decision without fully thinking it through, and that he thought that was a mistake on his part to donate to the ADL, after learning more about how the organization comports itself. He proceeded by revoking the donation.

“It really doesn’t feel genuine for me to proceed with the donation at this point, and instead, I actually want to take my time, keep the intent that I had, but just doing it with the right charity, and doing it properly,” he said.

He finished by apologizing for the confusion.


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