‘Why Meadow Died’ Is ‘Guide’ for Parents to Learn About School Safety, Father of Slain Parkland Student Says

The father of Meadow Pollack, a student who was killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Broward County, Florida in 2018, wrote a book about gun violence in America that directly contradicts popular thinking by the liberal left that guns are the problem in our society, and not the people that control them.

Andrew Pollack’s daughter, who was murdered in cold blood by deranged gunman Nikolas Cruz, believes it is the liberal discipline policies of the school district and ineffective leadership at the Broward County Sheriff’s office that are responsible for Meadow’s death.

Pollack said his book, Why Meadow Died, is “a guide for parents and grandparents to read and actually look at what happened” to his daughter so they ask informed questions about school safety in their children’s or grandchildren’s school district. Cruz signed a release form allowing his Public Defender’s office legal team to share his medical records. The attorneys shared these records with Pollack in an effort to hold people accountable for the shooting.

The knowledge the grieving father gleaned from these records is shocking. He discusses the many red flags that were either missed by school personal or, in the case of Nickolas’s eighth grade teacher who wrote in a behavioral analysis that he “was a danger to students and teachers, ignored by Henderson Behavioral Health, who was treating him.  School psychiatrists were so concerned that they took the unusual step of writing to Cruz’s personal psychiatrist saying that “he shared dreams of killing people and (being) covered in blood.”

In the book Pollack also argues that a lax school discipline policy in Broward County Schools allowed Cruz’s previously violent behavior to go unpunished.  The PROMISE program instituted by Superintendent Robert Runcie was designed to keep disruptive students in school through mentoring programs and counseling. It was seen as a way to prevent the “school to prison pipeline” which administrators felt discriminated against minorities.  In effect, Pollack said, this policy allowed Nickolas Cruz to be disciplined 67 times before being told to leave school permanently.

After the shooting it was discovered that the FBI received tips that Cruz might pose a threat to schools and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office had been called to Cruz’s home due to his violent behavior, but nothing was done.  Pollack is suing Cruz and the Sheriff’s Office deputy who was on duty at the school on the day of the shooting, but stayed outside during the attack.

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