Black Student Admits to Hate Crime Hoax

A 12 year-old black student in Virginia who accused three white boys of cutting off some of her dreadlocks has admitted that she lied about the incident.  

Amari Allen attends Immanuel Christian School in Springfield and last week accused the boys of putting their hands over her mouth and on her back while cutting her hair.  Amari told reporters, “they said my hair was nappy and that I was ugly.”  She went on to say, “I felt hurt but also angry.  Why would they do this. Is it only me that is affected. When I held it in, I felt like it was a weight being added to my shoulders each day that I held it in.”  

When she finally told Cynthia Allen, her grandmother with whom she lives, Ms. Allen said Amari “seemed dead inside.” Amari’s grandparents met with school officials, demanding that the boys be expelled, but said they felt the school was not being sympathetic to their concerns. They criticized them, explaining that they “never thought bullying would be part of the curriculum.”  They also filed an incident report with the Fairfax County Police Department.  

Liberal mainstream media outlets ran with story last week and did not fail to report that Karen Pence is a part-time Art teacher at the school.  
Yesterday, the school announced that their investigation found that Amari lied about the incident and that she had apologized for the fabrication.  While details were not provided about how the boys’ innocence was proven, Amari’s Aunt, Lakeshisa Allen admitted that “Amari had words with the boys” and “embellished” the story.

Though the family apologized profusely for Amari’s actions one wonders where a 12-year-old girl black girl came up with the idea of accusing 3 white boys of a physical assault after a verbal confrontation. And more importantly, given the Jussie Smollett fiasco, why was the mainstream media not more skeptical of the story?