CAUGHT: ABC Uses Faked Video, Claims It’s Turkey Bombing Syria

ABC was caught blatantly propagandizing on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex when it aired footage of what it described as Turkey bombing Syria.

“This video right here appearing to show Turkey’s military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town,” anchor Tom Llamas said on “ABC World News Tonight.”

But a savvy Twitter user, @PolishPatriotTM, recognized the footage from approximately 14 to 26 seconds into the ABC report, which shows a fiery blaze from afar while Muir bemoaned the “attack” against the Kurds, whom he made sure to note were America’s allies in fighting alongside ISIS.

Here’s the report, posted to ABC’s YouTube channel: (Archived here).

And here’s the 2016 Knob Creek Machine Gun Night Shoot, a bi-annual event held in Kentucky:

Here’s what they look like side-by-side, posted to the @PolishPatriotTM Twitter account:

“After one week of U.S. troops withdrawing from the northern Syrian region, Turkey’s military advances to bomb and kill Kurdish civilians along with committing horrific public executions,” said a description of the segment posted to YouTube by ABC’s official account.

ABC’s media contact did not immediately return a comment request.