Godless Democrats Declare Non-Religious Americans As Largest Group of “Religious” Supporters

Selective focus on the word "atheism". Many more word photos in my portfolio...

At the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) summer meeting in San Francisco recently, religiously unaffiliated Democrats were the subjects of a resolution which praised them as the largest “religious” group in the party.

The resolution was shepherded through the session by the Secular Coalition of America, a lobbying group for atheists, agnostics, and other assorted non-believer based groups.  The coalition rejoiced as the resolution was passed, voicing high hosannas for the DNC’s brave new world move of being the first party to embrace non-religious individuals.

The governmental affairs director of the Secular Coalition, Sarah Levin, said that her organization favors policy being driven by “science and evidence, not by sectarian beliefs.”  It was applauded by other non-religious groups around the country who called the resolution “landmark action” and “long overdue.”  The party says their decisions will now be made considering “universal humanistic values,” and leaves us to wonder what this means.   

Fearing the Evangelical voters whose support carried President Donald J. Trump to the presidency in 2016, the Democrats have to have an answer. That answer appears to be to mobilize the anti-religious left to win the election. The resolution also crystallizes the friction between the supporters of LGBTQ rights and religious libertarians who are fighting to maintain their ability to follow their religious beliefs in the marketplace.