Good. God.

Those two words were the only reaction I could muster to last night’s LGBTQIA2PACRIP+ Town Hall on CNN, which featured Democratic Party presidential candidates desperate to out-progress each other in their race to the “progressive” bottom – otherwise known as Democratic Party’s presidential primary.

A couple of years ago, in the glory days of Big League Politics, my then-editor-in-chief and friend Patrick Howley, in a general editorial context, gave me some advice that I’ve heeded since, and from which most in the conservative media-sphere (looking at you, Washington Examiner) could learn.

“Nobody cares about your shitty opinions,” he told me. “Just write the news.”

I’ve sparsely written an op-ed since then. But after last night’s debacle here I am, back in all of my glory and typing my shitty opinions into this WordPress, breaking what has been a hard-and-fast rule to which I’ve mostly adhered for the better part of two years.

Now, I didn’t watch the Town Hall in live time (as I had a vested interest in keeping my supper down) but the lowlights began streaming across my Twitter feed, and they haven’t stopped since. At first, I wasn’t all-too-surprised:

But at about the time they paraded the second 9-year-old transsexual child onto national television to ask Sen. Fauxcahontas (D-Mexico) a question, accompanied by its mother who should be hauled into the basement of the jail and locked away in solitary confinement for what she’s done to that poor child, my eyebrows began to raise.

Even by leftist standards, they were jumping the shark.

The kid wanted to know what Elizabeth Warren would do in the first week of her make-believe presidency to make sure it “didn’t have worry about anything at school” except its homework:

Warren later suggested that straight couples in America would cease to exist under her potential reign of terror:

It only got worse from there.

Willie Brown’s former mistress strolled out onto the stage, promptly announcing that her pronouns were “she, her, and hers,” to which CNN host Chris Cuomo responded, “Mine too:”

She (Cuomo) was forced to apologize on Twitter after that epic blunder:

Then there was Blossom.

Stay with me here, because the gender identity and race math is about to get gnarly.

The Hispanic mother of an elementary-age transsexual Hispanic child was teeing up her question for Irishman (and pretend Hispanic) Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, when Blossom, a black transsexual female, otherwise known as a black male, stole the microphone from her. Blossom began yelling at CNN’s Don Lemon, a gay black man, about the alleged erasure of black transsexual females by CNN, one of America’s furthest-left networks. Realizing that he wasn’t the wokest in the room – and not by a long shot compared to Blossom – Lemon tried to diplomatically diffuse the situation while O’Rourke wore a shit-eating grin.

Blossom turned the mic over to Lemon.

“The reason that we’re here is to validate people like you,” Lemon said.

But Blossom, demonstrating that she had larger – erm, cojones – than the CNN host, continued to yell towards the crowd, forcing Lemon to return the mic.

“Baby, your actions need to speak louder than words,” Blossom said. “Because guess what, not one black trans woman has taken the mic tonight. Not one black trans man has taken the mic tonight. Show me! Show me!”

Take that, CNN. You’ll never be woke enough for the mob.

Later, O’Rourke promised to pull the tax-exempt status of churches that refused to capitulate to same-sex marriages, because shredding the Constitution is the best way to prove that you’re the best man (or two-spirited, demi-queer, insect activist) for the job of Democrat presidential nominee. No word on whether Beto’s rule will apply to Islamic mosques:

A black transsexual woman who did get to speak said that it was “misgendering” a transsexual person was an act of violence. It’s not:

Pete Buttigieg wants you to rest assured that gay men, who, statistically speaking, are at a far higher risk of contracting HIV than straight men, will be able to donate blood freely under his administration:

Joe Biden didn’t know what planet he was on, as usual:

So, this is where we’re at.

After “Good God,” my immediate reaction was to consider just how decadent our society is for an event like this to take place.

America is so indulged that affluent liberal white women are forcing their children to transition into the opposite sex in order to create a victimhood status, which is the result of a society that values victimhood as social currency. Americans have so few actual problems that we have to pretend that calling someone the wrong name is an act of violence.

Democrats, of course, support all of this. Since the Civil Rights Movement, they’ve built their identity on being the party of social justice. But as it stands today, Americans are all equal under the law, unless you count Affirmative Action, which favors blacks.

So Democrats can’t simply play the ball as it lies. If there are no downtrodden, victimized groups in America, they’ll lose all semblance of power. That’s why, as long as we live, there will always be another “civil rights” hurdle to jump, which brings us to the crux of the matter.

If you think for one hot second that Democrats genuinely give a damn about any of those people from that ridiculous dog-and-pony show last night, you’re woefully mistaken. Democrats only care about using those people as a political club with which to beat those “intolerant,” “bigoted,” Republicans.

The unmatched decadence that has created this wobbly power structure is but one sign of an empire in decline. Other signs include obsessions with sex, sports, and food. Does that sound like a society with which you are familiar?

It should. And the following, which was my conclusion after parsing through the clips of last night’s Town Hall, will likely be the result: