King of Trolls: Trump Campaign Scoops Up Web Domain, Twitter Handle for Biden’s Hispanic Outreach Effort

The Biden campaign had a plan.

It planned to launch a campaign aimed at Hispanic voters called “Todos con Biden,” which roughly translates to “Everyone with Biden,” or something like that (I don’t speak Spanish because this is America).

But President Donald J. Trump beat that senile old hag to the punch, scooping up the domain before the Biden campaign could purchase it. This is what the homepage currently looks like:

Clicking “Vamos” takes you to a Spanish-language page that presumably explains why Hispanics should vote for Trump.

But that’s not all.

The Tump campaign also nabbed @todosconbiden on Twitter, the handle that the Biden campaign probably would have wanted for the “Todos con Biden” effort.

The account looks very similar to the web page:

The content features Biden’s gaffes, including when he said “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” at a rally with the Asian and Hispanic Coalition PAC, and examples of how Democrat policies have hurt Hispanics.

It’s officially campaign season, and I’m happy to report that Trump, that magnificent troll, is at it again.