Lines Drawn: TPUSA On The Run As America First Declares War

It feels like 2016 again.

Before President Donald J. Trump was elected, and before his administration was co-opted by Conservative Inc., an umbrella term for bought-and-paid-for controlled opposition “right-wingers,” there was an allure to supporting the political outsider. It was an expression of dissent against the political establishment.

Enter Turning Point USA. In the early days of Trump, it billed itself as the “America First” alternative to Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), which were the predominant campus conservative organizations. YAL and YAF were then, and remain now, impotent in any real political fight. They descended from the Koch Brothers/Bill Kristol school of global sodomy and libertarianism-masquerading-as-conservatism, which values markets, GDP, and state-sponsored sexual perversion over the standard of living among ordinary Americans.

TPUSA quickly ingratiated itself with the Trump movement.

Its founder, Charlie Kirk, became fast friends with Donald Trump Jr. With such influence, TPUSA, focusing on “freedom, free markets, and limited government,” and with its then-edgy “Big Government Sucks” slogan, quickly gained visibility inside the Beltway. But nothing pure – if TPUSA ever was – can survive the overwhelming power of the established order in Washington, D.C.

TPUSA, whether by design or inadvertently, became yet another gatekeeping organization – one that exists inside the orthodox left/right paradigm, similar to its predecessors YAL and YAF. Nobody really knows who funds TPUSA, and Kirk isn’t talking.

Here are the acceptable talking points within this paradigm: 1) Mass immigration and demographic change is fine, as long as the immigration is legal. 2) Conservatives must pander to all minority groups, because those groups are “inherently conservative,” despite an utter lack of evidence for that claim. 3) Despite the fact that conservatives are overwhelmingly Christians, we must accept every perversion of the Alphabet People, regardless of whether it is a biblical abomination, because… reasons.

Those talking points, by the way, have been pawned off on Trump by God-knows-which Swamp Monsters who have hijacked his administration an steered it back towards the established order. That’s why his latest rallies are focused on black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, and American-Eskimo unemployment rather than the Republican base: long-forgotten white Americans who voted for a wall and the deportation of illegal alien invaders in order to avoid being replaced in their homeland. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the Eskimos have jobs. But when Republicans pander to those who will never vote for them at the expense of addressing the issues of the people who will vote for them, they lose. You don’t have to work at the American Bald Eagle Center for Freedom in America, or some such goofy D.C. consultancy, to understand this.

Meanwhile, TPUSA, which absolutely does not play identity politics, has held a “leadership summit” for every minority group on planet earth. We’ve had a Young Black Leadership Summit, a Young Latino Leadership Summit, a Young Jewish Leadership Summit, etc. Conspicuously missing? A Young White Leadership Summit, which I, an Arab male, would be happy to keynote. (Call me, Charlie!)

But, while the Trump presidency and his America First proposals are being sabotaged by every Tom, Dick, and Harry on Capitol Hill, those ideas remain alive and well online.

The “Dissident Right” has seen enough.

There is a groundswell of conservatives – and I mean actual, honest-to-God conservatives – who continue to embody America First ideals, and even some conservative ideals that Trump has not addressed. This groundswell has been termed the “Dissident Right.”

The Dissident Right has seen enough. The Dissident Right is finished with Charlie Kirk and TPUSA’s fake brand of conservatism – one that will never conserve a damn thing in America. One that celebrates sexual and moral degeneracy, has no qualms with demographic changes that will ultimately end America as we know it, and one that accepts nearly every premise of the political left. And the Dissident Right has some questions.

Kirk has been on his high-profile “Culture War” tour, traveling to universities with right wing personalities to talk about how awful illegal immigration is, how great “free markets” are, and maybe DESTROY some 19-year-old socialists along the way. How fun!

But the tour hasn’t played out exactly how Kirk expected.

The Dissident Right, organized online mostly via Twitter, has shown up to his events in droves. It has dominated the question and answer portion of the tour. Instead of some blue-haired, intersectional obesity activist asking him about the patriarchy, Kirk, for the first time in his public life, has faced difficult questions about the relative merits of American conservatism.

They’ve asked him serious questions about demographic change:

They’ve asked him serious questions about legal immigration:

They’ve asked him serious questions about sexual liberation:

Kirk, noticeably uncomfortable, has struggled to answer all of these serious questions. In the face of conservatives who want to fight for actual conservative values, Kirk and his TPUSA allies have devolved into leftist-style attacks, citing “racism” and “homophobia” on the part of the questioners instead of engaging in an honest debate. Just remember, though, TPUSA absolutely does not play identity politics.

Here’s serial plagiarist Benny Johnson, who now works for TPUSA after unsuccessful stints at BuzzFeed, Daily Caller, and other news sites:

Here’s Rob Smith, Kirk’s guest at Tuesday night’s Ohio State event:

Other non-conservatives have made unforced errors by jumping into the fray and showing their hands – namely the Human Events staff.

The cofounder of The Daily Wire openly admitted that American conservatism isn’t about conserving anything, thus proving the point of the Dissident Right:

What we’re seeing, at least in my estimation, is the drawing of the proverbial line in the sand.

The Dissident Right is noticeably young. It’s dominated by young millennials and Generation Z, who have grown up in the era of political correctness and the horror show that has been the leftist takeover of American culture. It has been foisted upon members of the Dissident Right by every American institution, and the Dissident Right recognizes the lack of effectiveness of alleged “conservative” organizations like TPUSA in the face of this leftist takeover.

The Dissident Right has vowed to continue to ask these difficult questions of our “conservative” gatekeepers as Kirk’s tour rolls onward.

And Kirk can do nothing about it. His organization is bound by its commitment to freedom of speech. Shutting down future events or question and answer sessions would be the epitome of hypocrisy.

The battle for the American Right has commenced.